Yin & Yang

The NFT collection represents Dallia's single Yin and Yang. It is is the story of restless love. “The theme of the song is not just a breakup. It's the inability to break free from the everlasting memories and love," says the singer.

The NFT collection represents Dallia's single Yin and Yang. It is is the story of restless love. “The theme of the song is not just a breakup. It's the inability to break free from the everlasting memories and love," says the singer.

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The Yin & Yang NFT collection.

The limited edition collection consists of 200 tokens issued on the Solana blockchain. The NFT holders will attend a meet and greet with Dallia, gain access to exclusive footage, and be the the first to get a sneak peek at her next single! In addition, they can order physical certificates of ownership with a personal note and an autograph from Dallia. 

The NFTs feature iconic looks from the music video and have several traits that determine each token's rarity. There are five different images of Dallia, eight background colors, frames, and confetti. For more information on rarity, please refer to the rarity explainer for Dallia's Yin and Yang collection

Support an independent artist.

By purchasing Dallia's limited edition collectible NFTs, you're making a significant positive impact on her music career. Being an independent artist requires hard work and persistence. While it's extremely rewarding, she also carries a lot of responsibilities on her shoulders. Dallia is in charge of recording songs, producing music videos, distributing, promoting new releases, managing intellectual property, and even financing her creative projects. This is a perfect opportunity to help Dallia succeed as an independent artist and show her some support. The proceeds from the sale of these non-fungible tokens will allow her to finance the production of new inspiring songs and stunning music videos.

Who is Dallia?

Dallia is a talented artist whose first single was released in 2020. Since she was four years old, Dallia has been taking part in music competitions, singing in choirs, and participating in TV and radio shows. She was featured in the Bulgarian editions of The Voice and X-Factor. Her most recent song Yin and Yang is an emotional story about the inability to break free from your feelings and memories after a relationship comes to an end. The music video for Yin and Yang has over half a million views on YouTube. 

Tip: You can use our step by step instructions on how to buy NFTs.

Important notes:

  • Token price: $15.
  • Certificate price: $15.
  • The NFTs will be distributed after the sale ends (when the deadline is reached or all tokens are sold out).
  • The paper certificates will be signed by Dallia and mailed after the sale ends. Shipping is free of charge.
  • Woosh reserves the right to extend the campaign for no longer than one month from the originally stated deadline. 
  • The physical Meet and Greet will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria. Those who are unable to join in-person, can attend a separate virtual session. 
  • Additional benefits might be announced in the future, at Dallia's discretion.
  • The NFTs do not entitle their holders to receive royalties.
  • Buyers should not expect a financial gain from this merchandise. The tokens are designed as a way to support the artist and collect a unique piece of art. 
  • The tokens from the Yin and Yang collection can be traded on secondary markets, just like other NFTs. 



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Woosh issues Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to represent the song Ying and Yang by Dallia. These are collectible items, similar to baseball cards or stamps.
You can use Bitcoin as well as debit or credit cards.
Physical certificates of ownership are available exclusively to the token holders. At the checkout, you can add as many certificates, as the number of tokens you are buying. For instance, if you are buying 10 NFTs from Dallia's Yin and Yang collection, you can add from 0 to 10 certificates to cart.
No, free delivery is included in your certificate order.
The Meet and Greet with Dallia will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria. Token holders will be notified about the specific location and date via email. Those who are unable to join the physical event can instead attend a virtual one. Both physical and virtual meet and greets are free to the token holders.
These tokens do not enable their owners to benefit from the success or profitability of the creative product, through royalties or otherwise. They should be viewed as collectible items or merchandise. Purchasers should not purchase tokens with the purpose of making a profit.

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